Hawton, Notts


All Saints, Hawton

The church at Hawton has an extensive array of Medieval and Post-Medieval graffiti inscriptions, including a number of compass-drawn circles, animals, apotropaic symbols (including pentangles, burn marks on the tower door, daisy wheels around doors and on pews, double-V ‘witch marks’), initials, dates, text, mason’s marks, crosses and heraldic crests.

Graffiti was found throughout the church, but was extensive in the south porch, in the chancel, and clustered around the interior of the Tower door and on the exterior of the Priest’s doorway (south side).

The Tower door appeared to have been ‘ritually protected’ via burning taper marks onto the door itself, and having small compass-circles at the very bottom of the stone door frame on  both sides, and a cluster of larger compass circles towards the bottom on the right-hand side of the stone door frame.

The porch contained several compass-circles, some simple circles, others with daisy-wheel designs within, and a cluster of 5 interlocking circles. There were also numerous initials and dates inscribed, as well as a pentangle and a beautifully carved bird approximately half way up the left-hand door arch.

4-5 examples of Medieval script were identified in the chancel, on both the north and south sides, along with an abundance of Mason’s marks, symbols, initials, dates and another animal – what appears to be a seal – on the south wall close to the door.

On the exterior, the Tower door has an abundance of graffitos, the majority of which appear to be 18th century onwards. A couple of sundials were recorded on the south side. The Priest’s doorway on the south side leading into the chancel also had several pieces of graffiti, including two heraldic crests, and a third, partial crest, which appears to have been an abandoned, failed attempt.

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